Psyllid Puparium


I’ve posted about Lerps and Psyllids before but this time I’ve gone the extra mile, dear reader. When I found this fantastic basket lerp in the shape of a shell, I could hardly contain my excitement but I soon noticed the nymph inside seemed to be a bit odd. Turns out it had been the victim of a parasite wasp and was busy being a lovely puparium. Note to future psyllidae: stay away from the sides of your basket if you’re going to make such big holes! Anyhow, I kidnapped my find and kept it in a bottle to see if anything would emerge and huzzah! There came a lovely little metallic wasp, guilty as charged.

Basket Lerp
A delicate shell shaped basket lerp on a gum leaf. The nymph seems to be dead and parasitised. Minden, Qld.
Psyllid Puparium
Psyllid nymph (pictured near its upturned basket lerp) has become a puparium for a wasp. Minden, Qld.
Psyllid Puparium
A top view of the parasitised Psyllid. The lerp probably could have been better constructed. Minden, Qld.
Psyllid Parasite Wasp
The wasp that emerged from my parasitised Psyllid. Toowong, Qld.
Psyllid Parasite Wasp
A rather indelicate view of the belly of the wasp that emerged from my Psyllid. Toowong, Qld.

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