Drinking Straws for Ants

My usual macro adventures tend to turn up something of interest even if the spot is very familiar to me – like Oxley Creek Common, one of my favourites! One of my most interesting finds was this fabulous waxy straw poking out of the branch of an Ironbark tree. There were mostly big black Rattle…

Peeping Up Your Petiole

On a lap around the farm last christmas I came across some odd lumps on the petioles (leaf stems) of a cottonwood tree. I suspected straight away they were galls but had no idea the contents. When I came back with the camera I started to promptly and rudely split some galls to photograph what…

Scallop Shell Lerps

So far in the wild world of Lerps, I’ve encountered about four different structures created by these little baby psyllids. Enjoy some scallop shell shapes I encountered in a suburban park while I was waiting for the car to be serviced. What else would you do? Find some more lovely lerps here:¬†aussiebugs.com.au/Hemiptera/Lerps-Psyllids

Psyllids & Lerps

AKA Jumping Plant Lice, these particular psyllids are tiny¬†builders that extract sap from leaves (they have sucking mouthparts like all true bugs) and instead of feeding the resulting waste product to ants in return for protection, they build little coverings called Lerps to hide in until they develop wings. Maybe they just don’t like ants….