Thrips Shop for Wasps

OK Kids, listen up. What you’re looking at here are a couple of tiny thrips which were parasitised by tiny wasps. WHAAAAAAT? That’s right, these thrips were injected with wasp eggs and it’s turned them into little puparium for wasps. The one on the right is fully developed and about to hatch, the one on the left is not far behind. If you look closesly at that one, you’ll find a red dot toward the left (which is really the thrips bum end) and it happens to be the wasp’s eye. So the thrips have tiny little heads – you’ll see the antennae – which is how I knew they were buggered, there shouldn’t be a big red eye in that spot on a thrips. Also, they are kind of the wrong shape. They should be full and more slender. Behind the thrips you will see the damage they’ve done to my ornamental ficus. Luckily they only chew on the new leaves and with the sneaky little wasps around, the population seems to be under control. In the other two shots you will see the wasp responsible. They are so small ~1mm long, it’s really hard to get a good shot.

Parasitised Thrips
Wasp pupariums made out of Thrips. Toowong, Qld.
The adult thrips – how our pupating babies should have emerged – (with a couple of mites attached!) surrounded by empty eggs and leaf damage caused by the colony. Toowong, Qld.
Thrips Parasite
One of the sneaky little wasps responsible for thripsy mayhem. Toowong, Qld.
Thrips Parasite
Another angle on our wasp friend.

You’re welcome!

For more thripsy things and other marvellous macros have a look at my miscellaneous gallery

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